When you think of Hawaii, some of the most common images that come to mind are beaches, palm trees, and turquoise waters. But, the islands have so much more to offer! As your plane is making its descent into Maui, on of the first things you will notice are its looming mountains: Hale Mahina (more commonly called the West Maui Mountains) and Haleakala (Maui’s dormant Volcano).

Haleakala, which translates to “House of the Sun,” is one of the biggest attractions on Maui. As the world’s largest dormant volcano, it stands at a staggering 10,023 feet above sea level and houses more endangered species than any other US National Park. Local legend says that Maui, a demi-god, once imprisoned the sun inside its crater in order to make the day last longer. On your 2-3 hour drive to the summit, you will pass through several different landscapes offering a wide array of picture-perfect backdrops.

By far, the most popular thing to do on Haleakala is view sunrise from the summit. With your feet above the clouds, you’ll watch as the sun greets the sky. Not a morning person? Don’t worry, sunsets atop Haleakala are just as awe-inspiring. After sunset, you may even consider star gazing! When planning your ascent, keep in mind it gets very cold at 10,000 feet! Pants, hoodies, beanies, and gloves are highly recommended, even during summer!

Looking for more adventurous activities? Hiking, biking, paragliding, camping, ziplining, and horseback riding are some of the options Haleakala has to offer!

Visit the Haleakala National Park website to plan your visit, reserve  your sunrise viewing spot, and learn more about this magnificent volcano.

We at EpiCapture Productions consider ourselves fortunate to experience and photograph this wondrous island. We hope you enjoy this slideshow of some of our favorite Haleakala-inspired photos.

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